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Experienced With Divorce

Everyone contemplating divorce has a different set of circumstances. Eileen Warshaw knows that your divorce is unique. She has dedicated her law practice to helping family law clients.

She understands the Macomb County court system and has a solid working relationship with opposing attorneys, judges, and referees. Her local experience is the difference-maker. Her goal is to protect your rights and interests while minimizing the damage that can arise during the divorce process.

Child Custody

Many marriages that end in divorce have minor children in the household. That leads to the often complicated matter of child custody. Who will the children live with? How will parenting time be determined? What factors are used to decide custody and parenting time? There are many answers to these questions, including joint custody, sole custody, split custody, and numerous parenting time options.
Eileen will work with you to protect your child's best interests while preserving your rights as a parent.

Division of Assets and Debt

One of the things couples fight over during a divorce is “who gets what?” But what about any debt incurred during the relationship? Who gets stuck with the bill? Count on Eileen to listen to your problem attentively and work out a solution for you.

Call Eileen Warshaw at 586-783-1800 to discuss your problem. Let Eileen help you take a step towards a new beginning.
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